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Cruise Perks For Military Service

Cruise Perks For Military Service

Let’s talk Military Benefits When Cruising.  Since it is the week of July 4th, and that means celebrating our country’s freedoms, independence and appreciation to those that have sacrificed to uphold those glorious privileges. First, to those of you whom have served… Thank You For Your Service!

Did you know that many cruise lines will often give added benefits to active duty military personnel, and even to veterans and retirees of prior military service?  Indeed, just by presenting your DD-214 Form, you could generate $100 in on-board credits for spending on any Princess Cruise, find reduced travel rates with Norwegian Cruise lines, get a 10% discount with MSC sailings or receive an appreciation gift from CruiseOne.  These may be non-published or exclusive to your chosen agency, therefore it is important to state your military affiliation to your travel agent at the time of booking to get access to these added perks.

Another benefit to our revered military veterans is an opportunity to meet and mingle onboard the ship.  Reading the daily news for onboard activities, look for posted time and location for Military Mixers, then join in and share a few stories with the others that “have been there, done that too!”  On cruises, many of the crew and officers are prior military as well and may have a public moment of recognition for military patriots. These events are always a favorite for my husband and son, both Marines, plus a great way to meet fellow cruisers.

A few reminders for active duty military wishing to cruise: be sure every port of call is approved for visitation by your commanding officer, understand that under no circumstance is service weapon allowed on-board, and when selecting a cruise with subsequent travel protection, be sure to look for a policy that covers deployment or recall of leave, to protect your vacation investment.

We at Cruisy Susie – CruiseOne are a proud military and law enforcement family, and offer exclusive appreciation benefits to Military Service Members and other First Responder’s, past and present, to share our gratitude for your commitment and sacrifice to protecting our freedoms!

Cruisy Susie Accepts Blogging Challenge

Welcome! This is the beginning of a 100x Challenge, which means I will be doing 100 Blog/Video posts this year, starting July 1, 2018.

I have been working with a few inspiring coaches, one within my industry and one general business development, which will be proud of this project, as it merges two of their approaches designed for me. Here is my beginning:

My name is now Cruisy Susie, and I am a Master Cruise Counselor and Certified Group Travel Specialist.   I often get a chuckle from people when they her my name, so let me fill you in on how it came about.  I had been in travel a few years, using my more grown up name, Susan Conger, as I had acquired in my prior professional career in real estate and mortgage lending. I was asked to write a monthly travel article for a trendy community magazine, but the publisher recommended I create an Avatar for the column and suggested Cruisy Susie.  Now my first thought was “that is cheesy!!!”  and I just could not imagine what that would do for my professional image (which was actually rather boring at the time)  Well after some contemplation and reflection of who Cruisy Susie really was, I came to realize that it was that eleven year old girl that danced to her own drum, but all grownup into that favorite, goofy Aunt that everyone has; someone to share dreams with, rely on in times of need, and trust to have your best interest at heart.  That was me; I had those traits instilled in me from childhood from those fabulous parents, and I wanted to be that person within my professional life.  Well, I embraced that persona, adopted the name and have not looked back!.  I want to be your “Aunt” in the travel business!


Stop At Our Booth and Say “Hi!”

Community Events:

  1. The Village Concert Series, Friday Evenings July-August 4:00pm-9:00pm
  2. Western Idaho Fair@Expo Idaho, August 17-August 26, 2018 11:00am-11:00pm
  3. Health & Wellness Expo, Saturday Oct. 6, 2018  Expo Idaho 9:00am-5:00pm


Explore Alaska – Cruise  Information Events

Perfect for those guests interested in classic cruising of Alaska’s Inside Passage and Glacier Bay, extended cruise-tours to Denali National Park or going off grid with an adventurous “Un-Cruise” Expedition.  Find out why cruising Alaska is a fabulous multi-generational getaways.


  1. Why Alaska Cruising is the top choice for Boomers and Families
  2. Learn about the unique regions and options for cruising  in Alaska
  3. Exploring the sights and sounds of Alaska with Shore Excursions
  4. Selecting a cruise line that fits your lifestyle, interests and budget
  5. Group Cruise basics and how to cruise for free – just bring friends!


October 11, 2018, @6 PM, Garden City

January & February dates TBD

Discover River Cruising – Informational Events

Enlightening event for those guests interested in the ever popular River Cruising market along the spectacular rivers of Europe, Russia and Asia. Determine which river cruise is right for you and which to explore next: the Grand Danube, Romantic Rhine, Volga, or perhaps the Mekong.


  1. Understanding the basics of river cruising versus ocean cruising
  2. Discover European rivers and their remarkable attractions
  3. Selecting ships with the perfect ambiance, activity and cuisine
  4. How to include packaged tours and extend your travels abroad
  5. Travel safety tips, benefits of cruising in groups and travel logistics


  • October 16th, Garden City @5:00pm