Cruisy Susie Accepts Blogging Challenge

Welcome! This is the beginning of a 100x Challenge, which means I will be doing 100 Blog/Video posts this year, starting January 2019.

I have been working with a few inspiring coaches, one within the travel industry and one general business development, which will be proud of this project, as it merges two of their approaches designed for me.

My name is now Cruisy Susie, and I am a Master Cruise Counselor and Certified Group Travel Specialist.   I often get a chuckle from people when they her my name, so let me fill you in on how it came about.  I had been in travel a few years, using my more grown up name, Susan Conger, as I had acquired in my prior professional career in real estate and mortgage lending. I was asked to write a monthly travel article for a trendy community magazine, but the publisher recommended I create an Avatar for the column and suggested Cruisy Susie.  Now my first thought was “that is cheesy!!!”  and I just could not imagine what that would do for my professional image (which was actually rather boring at the time)  Well after some contemplation and reflection of who Cruisy Susie really was, I came to realize that it was that eleven year old girl that danced to her own drum, but all grownup into that favorite, goofy Aunt that everyone has; someone to share dreams with, rely on in times of need, and trust to have your best interest at heart.  That was me; I had those traits instilled in me from childhood from those fabulous parents, and I wanted to be that person within my professional life.  Well, I embraced that persona, adopted the name and have not looked back!.  I want to be your “Aunt” in the travel business!

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