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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Are Open

Mexico and many islands in the Caribbean are open to visitors and are offering a warm, tropical escape from reality. Resorts are implementing enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols, ensuring guest safety is a top priority. CruiseOne® – Cruisy Susie and Crew has expertise in booking resort vacations and can provide guidance on what tests and paperwork are needed before traveling on vacation.

“We go to Mexico often and have always felt safe, comfortable and very much appreciated by the resort staff and local businesses.  We try to inspect multiple resorts each trip, so we can give true “toes in the sand” feedback to our clients whom are thinking about a Mexico vacation” said Cruisy Susie Conger, franchise owner and All Inclusive Resorts expert with CruiseOne.

Five reasons to travel in 2021 to a resort include:

  • Reduced Occupancy – Right now resorts are not filled to 100 percent occupancy, which means guests have more personalized service, space and privacy. Less resort guests also means less competition to secure spa services, gym equipment and lounge chairs in prime locations.
  • Optimal Flight Selection – With less people flying, travelers have more options when selecting seats and routes. Depending on the airline, now it is possible to fly and not worry about getting the middle seat.
  • Plentiful Promotions – Resorts are offering more flexible change and cancellation policies, as well as discounts when booking more than three or four nights. In addition, through its preferred relationships, Dream Vacations often has exclusive promotions offering resort credits.
  • Guaranteed Vacation – There is still much uncertainty when it comes to the restart of cruising, as well as leisure travel in Europe and beyond. The Caribbean and Mexico are both open and welcoming guests.
  • Support Small Business – Travel agents like Susie Conger, with CruiseOne only get paid when their clients travel. By booking a resort vacation with a local travel agent, one not only gets personalized service and a travel advocate who has their back, but they are also supporting their local economy.

Now more than ever it is important to book a vacation with a travel agent. Cruisy Susie and Crew walk clients step-by-step through the entire booking and planning process, from selecting destinations and excursions based on clients’ interests to providing enhanced packing lists and guidance on what to expect when traveling post-pandemic.

For more information about booking a resort vacation, please visit or call (208) 968-9007 to book with Susie Conger of CruiseOne.


Travel Is Rebounding; Let’s Set Sail With Those FCC’s

So many of us are excited to get back to living and desperately need a vacation!  However, with so much information online and new norm safety concerns, travel planning can get a little overwhelming. Want to know how you can get the most value when booking your next vacation? Use those Future Cruise Credits combined with our exclusive offers!

We’ve created this five-part series to provide insight into the many reasons working with a travel agent can make all the difference in planning your future cruise vacation! Part 1 starts with those guests that have had to Cancel a vacation, due to Covid 19, and have travel credits for future bookings.

Bucket List Travel and Vacation Dreams

My Mom wrote a Bucket List almost 10 years ago; it is written on yellow notepad paper in red ink, and has been pinned to her corkboard ever since… sadly she has yet to actually mark off any item on her list, mostly due to lack of finances.  I recall this as my father, her spouse of over 50 years, is now battling a serious health condition and wanting to spend his days making her dreams come true. Miraculously, thanks to my Grandmother, he now has the ability to accelerate these activities.  I so hope they can enjoy marking off some of Moms Bucket List Travel dreams before it is too late.  This has invigorated an interest in sharing and helping people realize their dreams of travel, sooner rather than later.

So where did this whole Bucket List concept come from?  I started hearing the term used many years back, never giving much thought to it’s origin or significance.  In my research, here is what I learned: Term is derived from kick the bucket (“to die”) + list; hence “list of things to do before you die”.  Coined by screenwriter Justin Zackham in his screenplay for the 2007 film The Bucket List; articles about the movie are the earliest known uses.  I of course had to search to find and watch the movie (to which hit closer to home than desired) in an effort fulfill my due diligence in becoming a expert Bucket List Travel Planner.

Now days, as I am older and see my aging parents not fulfilling their dreams, I realize that one should not wait to see the places of their dreams, and see the sadness of never dreaming of the world beyond your own little comfort zone.  I found the most important element to achieving your Bucket List dreams… start making the list!  Writing out the people, places and things you want to experience in your lifetime, gives you a roadmap to get started; next is to just get started… even on the simplest of items!  As an avid traveler, Bucket List Vacations come to mind as soon as I hear of someone talking about the subject, but clearly there is much more to those lists than just travel.

My goal here is to make this an interactive read… so pull out your “yellow notepad and red ink pen” and lets start writing.  I will say try for 15-20 things you really want to experience in life. Get detailed in destinations, points of interest, accomplishments, and activities; it makes it easier to shout “I’ve done that, been there!”, which is the ultimate Bucket List Goal.  Next is read it, dream about it, and layout just one step to moving closer to marking off one item… then repeat that every day of your life.  You can and will move closer to your dreams, but do not forget to continue dreaming and adding to your list forever!

My life passion is  helping you plan your dream vacation, and marking off your list.  If you have a Bucket List Travel Adventure that you would like to get started planning, call me and let’s visit… Cruisy Susie 208-968-9007

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