Why Cruisy Susie Endorses

Small-ship Cruising

  • Options Closer To Home mean easing travel-day stress with fewer hours on stuffy aircraft, faster to your vacation embarkation, familiar services, languages and social protocols while in transit or emergency; feel safe door to door.
  • Unsurpassed Service and engagement with crew, local guides, cultural icons and concurring fellow passengers sets these small vessel, immersive itineraries in an exclusive vacation category.
  • Smaller Ship Capacity lends to authentic, personalized experiences not available on larger ships; with just 50-150 guests, finding socially distant space to relax, indulge and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings is mesmerizing.

Expand Your Adventures With Small-ships!

For the more established traveler, when considering your next sailing or river cruise, don’t over look the Small-ship opportunities!   The new norm of travel is bringing to light an interest in lower capacity,  more personalized and closer to home options with still incredible destinations. If you are the kind of traveler that wants to avoid the commercialization of tourist hotspots, visit destinations differently, explore deeper into the lands, seek adventurous activities and still have an upscale bucket list vacation experience…  then small vessel sailing is worth the investment!  The selection of small ships is expansive, from the large mast sailboats to hearty exploration vessels to splashy executive yachts; there is a small ship for everyone. Of course all the core aspects of cruising, like private accommodations, fine dining, beverages and onboard services are provided… it is the destinations and activities ashore that really bring on the unique adventures of small ship sailing.

Featured Destinations

  • Alaska Inside Passage
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Central America
  • Pacific Islands